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Be amazed by the best coffee in your city. Give away and benefit from free coffees in the best selection of cafes and coffee shops near you. Download the App and join the community that already enjoys all the advantages of the coffee’s world.


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Discover the new coffee world e-Gift Card

With the Coffeecard App you will get rewards and personalized offers from the highest quality coffee shops and cafes located around you. In addition, you will bring benefits to the entire community because we support the local economy and proximity products.


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Access the Coffeecard network to find your closest coffee shop or cafeteria with the features you want. Filter your search in detail to suit your preferences and tastes, wherever you are.


Your loyalty is rewarded in the form of personalized offers and benefits based on your preferences.

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Do you need to plan your mornings? Reserve your coffee through the Coffeecard App and pick it up at your favorite coffee shop right away.


Enjoy all the premium offers and benefits of your preferred establishments. Create your list and share your opinion with the Coffeecard community.

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